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We're seasoned professionals in the ever evolving world of branding and digital marketing.

As a premier agency managed by legendary marketer & branding expert Darío Herrera, our focus is developing your brand, establishing emotional connection with your most valuable audience, and creating value through comprehensive multi-channel marketing solutions, branding, story-telling, and detailed execution.

Virtual CMO

As a strategic offering best suited for start-ups, nonprofits or companies looking to scale their team without exorbitant costs, we provide a virtual Chief Marketing Officer offering to our clients that allows strategic leadership and execution implementation. A remote CMO + full execution team is a great option to scale your marketing efforts without needing a budget for both a full-time chief marketing officer and full-time marketing team.

Our remote CMO services often include strategic leadership and execution work within social media, SEO, email marketing, content marketing, lead generation, PR, and customer experience. There are also options for specialized subject matter expertise in specific fields, such as business-to-business (B2B), e-commerce, and other areas where true marketing expertise is needed.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Our expertise spans across various verticals and services expertise. We have extensive experience in business-to-business, healthcare, fintech, professional services, high-growth startup brands, and social good enterprises — including nonprofits. Explore our strategic services to elevate your business:

Social Media

Foster meaningful connections with your audience on their preferred platforms, building trust, community, engagement, and an organic lead source.


Implement strategic SEO to amplify your online visibility and drive more high intent, targeted traffic to your site.

PPC Paid Media

Maximize your ad spend ROI with our paid media specialists who have a proven track record of revenue multiplication.

Paid Social

Broaden your brand's reach with targeted social ads that boost awareness within your highest likely converting audience to drive sales.

Influencer Marketing

Boost engagement and sales with strategic, aligned, and relevant influencer marketing campaigns — both micro and macro — that create significant awareness and ultimately drive revenue.

Email Marketing

Encourage, educate and enrich your audience to convert them into valuable community members — ultimately leading your brand to be top of mind when they’re ready to purchase.

Public Relations

Utilize our media relations expertise to enhance brand exposure, manage crisis communications, and shape both messaging and public opinion positively within highly engaged, targeted communities.

Video Production

Satisfy the increasing demand for multimedia content with attention-grabbing, authentic story-telling video production to drive more views and deep audience connections.

Video Marketing

Generate leads and conversions with a creative video strategy that compellingly narrates your brand story.


Develop a memorable, relevant brand with a clear value proposition, focus, and sticky-ness to grab your audience’s attention and generate favorable PR.

Community Management

Expand your online presence and build enduring relationships with your target audience via strategic community management.

Website Development

Enhance the user experience with a feature-rich, intuitive and easy to navigate website design that captures your consumer and drives conversions.

Web Design

Lay a strong foundation for your digital marketing strategy with a visually appealing and high-performing website.

Mobile App Development

Leverage technology with intuitive and user-friendly digital applications that add value to your business.

Mobile App Design

Design user-centric iOS and Android apps that distinguish your brand in a competitive marketplace.

Lead Generation

Revisit, revitalize and refresh your marketing strategy by partnering with us – a lead generation marketing agency committed to elevating your revenue through integrated marketing.

Partner With a Digital Marketing Agency That Fosters Growth

We're a full-service digital and branding agency deeply committed to helping our clients get noticed and uniquely positioned in their respective verticals.

We're not just enthusiasts of marketing; we live it. Nothing is more exciting than seeing our clients expand their businesses or influence through our collaborative journey.

We take immense satisfaction — some might say too much — in solving the brand and communication problems our clients face as we carve a path for their success. Whether you're a budding startup looking to create your brand or a seasoned enterprise needing redirection or a refresh, we're eager to help you navigate towards scalable growth. If this aligns with your vision, let's start a conversation. We’re ready to work for results.

Our Specialties

As a dynamic digital marketing agency, we've had the privilege of empowering various businesses and organizations to achieve their marketing goals. Our broad experience across multiple sectors — including nonprofits — equips us with the knowledge and skills to help you unlock your true potential.

B2B Marketing

Harness our unique expertise to resonate with key stakeholders and magnify your brand's prominence in the B2B sphere.

Fintech Marketing

Secure an advantageous position in the fintech industry through our strategic marketing tactics designed to augment visibility, cultivate trust, and stimulate sustainable growth.

SaaS Marketing

Amplify your SaaS venture with a targeted strategy that enhances engagement and boosts customer acquisition.

Startup Marketing

Launch your startup on a strong footing with a comprehensive digital marketing blueprint crafted to ensure success from inception.

Esports Marketing

Extend your influence in the fiercely competitive Esports domain with a meticulously devised strategy that enhances brand recognition.

Mobile Marketing

Engage your target audience and promote your mobile app using a marketing guide that propels downloads.

eCommerce Marketing

Supercharge your eCommerce endeavor to reach new heights with us - your trusted ally in all things digital and marketing.

iGaming Marketing

Unleash the potential of your iGaming brand with refined marketing methods that captivate users and deliver results.

Software Marketing

Uncover how we can propel your software company from anonymity to widespread recognition.

Our Leadershiop

Led by our CEO, Dario Herrera, WFR Agency is no stranger to the world of branding and marketing. With over 20 years of experience, Dario has helped drive branding, social media strategy, and execution for numerous "A List" celebrities and brands, including Daughtry, Pitbull, Voli Vodka, Lil Wayne (Trukfit), and Rob Zombie (The Lords of Salem and 31), HYPR, American Music Awards and more. Additionally, Dario has worked closely with various businesses including the University of Miami, Life Wallet, numerous best-selling authors, social good professionals, and nonprofits. -- helping them develop their brands, stories, and overall social media marketing strategies.

What people are saying.

We’re ready to engage in a conversation designed to create winning financial results for you.

“WFR fixed our branding and messaging problem — very quickly. We had been struggling with how to position me as a speaker and Darío not only listened but absolutely nailed it. Since his work with us, we’ve been able to secure bigger and more lucrative speaking opportunities. He’s a rockstar!”

Jeff Havens Professional Speaker & Top Business Coach

“When WFR says they’re working for results they mean it. They have transformed our social presence and increased our funding base by over 200%. With Darío serving as remote CMO and overseeing the implementation of our marketing initiatives, we’ve saved money and gotten robust results that is helping us save teen lives all over the country.”

Jim Hood CEO, Generation S.O.S.

“I’ve increased my revenue by over 300% since the start of my work with WFR Agency. They work fast, understand how to communicate my brand, and I got compliments on my marketing everywhere I do. Most importantly, they’ve cut my marketing costs significantly and increased my revenue.”

Aviva Gordon Business Attorney

“Darío is a masterful marketer. He listens, drives the strategy, and then expertly executes it. He was integral in helping Daughtry gain massive visibility, create new brand partnerships and endorsements, and reach new levels of downloads, video views and revenue. I highly recommend WFR.”

Stirling McIlwaine Artist & Music Manager

“Working with Darío has led to massive results for HYPR. As an early stage advisor and part of the strategic team and vision for us, he helped us gain traction quickly as we positioned ourselves as the leading influencer marketing platform. There is no doubt that Dario’s role and his expertise led to a successful exit for our company.”

Gil Eyal HYPR, CEO & Founder

Here at WFR, we're driven by the desire to assist businesses in realizing their full footprint on the digital front. Share with us some details about your brand and your aspirations, and we'll connect with you to explore how we can contribute to your growth journey.


Our team collectively possesses proficiency in every facet of branding and digital marketing, encompassing website design, SEO strategy formulation, video production, and paid ad creation. We particularly shine in delivering business-to-business results, scaling SAAS and fintech companies, and helping nonprofits grow their social footprint and fundraising base. We attribute our superior performance in these sectors to our team’s direct experience and expertise, which we believe provides us an advantage to create winning results for our clients

Digital marketing is continuously evolving, making it challenging to initiate and execute a successful strategy without a firm grasp of the fundamentals or dedicating yourself full-time to tracking tech, social channel algorithm changes and best practices, and the latest emotional story telling techniques to create a connection to your brand. Our agency offers professional advice and customized strategies that align with your brand and long-term objectives. By leveraging our digital marketing services, branding expertise, and tech implementation know-how, Iyou can sidestep typical obstacles and accelerate towards sustained growth.

There isn’t a universal solution to this question, as the budget you need to set aside will vary depending on several elements like your business’s vertical, long-term goals, desired profit margins and unique product or services costs. That’s where our remote CMO offering can strategically help drive the conversation and decision-making in collaboration with the leadership team.

We are fundamentally wired to work for results and win for you. With a combined over 50+ years of experience and expertise across multiple verticals and working with local, regional, national and even global brands, we have a. proven track record of leading our clients to success. Through our daily commitment to stay ahead of the curve — whether in learning and applying tech or understanding how best to leverage digital architecture to scale your results — we combine the ability to executing your brand promise with the science of customer procurement. Ultimately, we create tailored strategies that communicate your business’s distinctiveness and steer it towards winning results. 

Join forces with WFR and outpace, out position and outwork your competition. However, before that, let’s thoroughly  understand your business and its objectives, formulate customized strategies that drive you towards your goals, set clear expectations, define deliverables, and establish budgets.

We won’t rest on our laurels, we’ll Work for Results. Each and every day.

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